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                 Are you a healthy smoker?

                       Thinking about quitting?                      

                                          Then this research study might be right for you!


  What is the purpose of the study?

We want to learn more about the marketed medication Chantix® and how it works to help smokers quit.

   What is involved in study participation?

• This is not a treatment study, but you will be asked to take medication and to make a practice quit attempt during the study.
• You will be randomly assigned to active or placebo medication. If assigned to the medication condition, doses currently recommended for healthy adults will be given.
• The in-person screening interview takes about two hours. Participation in the study lasts for five weeks, and requires 11 visits to the Johns Hopkins Bayview medical center. Most of the visits are short (about 20 minutes), but two of these visits will require a stay of four hours each, and one visit will last for about 9 hours.
• You will be compensated for your time and effort.

If you are a healthy smoker and interested in the study, please:

Email or call (410)550-1206 to get more information and complete a confidential phone interview.